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Student Handbook

Courtesy Driving School is a Registered Training Organisation registered in South Australia under the National Vocational Training and Regulator Act 2011. We thank-you for choosing Courtesy Driving School, to be the provider of your training.

Courtesy is committed to the provision of quality training and assessment services. We will ensure that at all times our operations will comply with the standards of the VET Quality Frameworks and other relevant legislation and through doing so will maintain high professional standards in the delivery of training and assessment services, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of students.

The policies and procedures detailed in this handbook have been developed to protect your rights and well-being as well as those of other students and staff members. It is essential that you understand these prior to signing your enrolment form. Students who are found not to be adhering to these polices will face disciplinary action that may include dismissal from the course and loss of fees.


Please refer to the specific information brochure for your course of study.
Some qualifications, course or units of competency may lead to the client seeking to obtain a licence from the relevant licensing authority provided the client meets all other requirements of the licence.

Please note that any costs involved with obtaining this licence are additional to the fees charged by Courtesy Driving School for your training.


To be considered for a course, applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements. Most courses have a range of entry requirements, and in some cases, more than one is compulsory.

Please refer to the specific information brochure for your course of study as requirements will vary according to the chosen course.

Clients wishing to enrol in Motor Driving Instructor courses first need to contact the Standards & Training Section of the Depart for Planning Transport and Infrastructure as there are specific entry requirements that must be met before Courtesy can consider your enrolment. Staff can provide you with information regarding this process.

Age and medical restrictions apply to driving licences. Please contact a service sa customer service office to check your eligibility before enrolling. Courtesy Driving School cannot obtain this information for you.


All persons seeking to enrol with Courtesy Driving School will be required to complete a Student Enrolment form. This form becomes your Training Agreement with Courtesy. Please ask a staff member if your require assistance to complete this form.

As part of your enrolment you will need to produce your driver's licence, a copy will be made of this and placed in your student file.

During enrolment it is important to discuss your goals so that you can be provided with the best possible assistance to meet these. It is also very important to reveal any disability that may hinder your progress when completing your enrolment form — this would allow the trainer to ensure suitable learning and assessment material is available to assist in your studies.


The cost of a course depends on the number of hours nominated for each unit of competency, the type of study and/or assessment involved. The fees may vary from qualification to qualification depending on the nature of the course and the materials required. A detailed cost will be provided to you at enrolment.

Additional fees may be payable for materials and textbooks or due to the remote location of the venue.

Please note that any costs involved with obtaining licences are additional to the fees charged by Courtesy Driving School for your training.

As part of your enrolment you will need to produce your driver's licence, a copy will be made of this and placed in your student file.


Refunds are not granted automatically. Students are expected to be aware of their work and personal commitments before they enrol and it will be necessary to establish that the cause of the withdrawal could not be reasonably anticipated before enrolment.
If a student chooses to terminate a training session early, we are not required to give a refund or make up lost time.
A full refund (less administration fee) will apply where a student

  • Gives 72 hours' notice of cancellation prior to course commencing

Acceptable reasons may include:

  • Sickness (verified by a medical certificate)
  • Other valid reason at the discretion of the Manager


Courtesy Driving School, where possible offers a flexible approach to your training. This means that, within reason, you may have the opportunity to negotiate the time, place and method of learning which suits your needs. Flexible delivery can give you greater control over you learning.

Anticipate that staff will respond positively if you negotiate - discuss your needs and negotiate outcomes that best suit your requirements.

Assessment in most units is competency based. This means that you need to demonstrate skills or knowledge to the required standards.

Alternative assessments if required can sometimes be arranged — these could include:

  • Additional reading and/or writing time
  • A scribe
  • Separate examination or assessment facilities
  • More flexible assessment requirements

Solutions can often be found to the mutual satisfaction of training staff/contractors and students. Courtesy Driving School is committed to providing a highly individual and flexible partnership arrangement that is collaborative and invites innovation.

Some qualifications, particularly those with licensing outcomes have assessments that are mandated by the licensing body. Your trainer will advise you of these. It is also possible that an officer from the licensing body will sit in on a final assessment.


Recognition of prior learning is a form of assessment that provides the opportunity for you to have you skills knowledge and experience values and count towards a formal qualification.

You may have gained these skills or knowledge through training, work experience or general experiences such as committee memberships or volunteer work. There is a charge for RPL; however the process will save you valuable time and money.

Before you enrol in a course you may speak to your trainer to see if this process will be of value to you. RPL application forms are available from trainers.


Courtesy Driving School recognises qualifications that have been issued by other Registered Training Organisations.

Mutual recognition or Credit Transfer will be given for units of competency that the applicant has already completed as part of another qualification. This will have been through formal study, often in a related area.

Applicants applying for Mutual Recognition should check the codes of the units on their statement of attainment, with those for the qualification or units of competency in which they wish to enrol. In some cases there may have been a version change to units; in this case the last letter of the unit code may be different. Please ask trainer if you are unsure.

Applicants need to provide an authorised copy of their statement of attainment to Courtesy Driving School and complete a Mutual Recognition form. If you are unable to provide an authorised copy please bring your original for staff to sight and copy.


Courtesy Driving School is committed to fair and equitable access for all students undertaking training. As part of the enrolment process training staff will work with you to identify any special learning needs that may impact on your ability to successfully complete your training. Where available staff will provide extra learning resource and where possible will make reasonable adjustment to your assessment.

Students and staff/contractors at Courtesy Driving School have a right to work and study in an environment free from discrimination, harassment or threatening behaviour. If you feel that you are being threatened, harassed, and bullied or are being treated less favourably than other students you should refer this to your trainer or the Training Coordinator.


Courtesy Driving School provides adequate protection for the health, safety and welfare of students and, without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression; this includes adequate and appropriate support services in terms of academic and personal counselling.

Trainers and assessors are able to make reasonable adjustment to delivery to accommodate client needs. Clients requiring additional support may be referred to our CEO who will then refer you to the appropriate support service.


Courtesy Driving School is committed to providing a safe work place for all students. We have taken all possible precautions and followed all of the guidelines as recommended under the Federal and State rules and regulations.

Staff / contractors and students are required to accept their responsibility to work safely. This means working intelligently, with common sense and foresight. All staff/contractors and students are expected to follow set safety standards that apply to our organisation, and adhere to all rules and regulations as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

ANY injury must be reported immediately, on the Incident Report form located in the Policies and Procedures booklet. If you notice a condition or practice that seems unsafe, you should immediately discuss this with your trainer or other staff member

Protective clothing
Courtesy requires that all students wear protective clothing as determined by your course and your trainer. High visibility vests or shirts must be worn by all students during their training. Vests may be purchased from our front office. Closed in footwear is compulsory.

Students must wear protective gloves when attending vehicle training. These can be supplied by you or can be purchased from our office.

Courtesy Driving School provides a smoke free environment. The no smoking policy applies to all persons on the premises and extends to all vehicles operated by Courtesy Driving School

Students who are caught breaching the Non-Smoking policy will be presented to the RTO Manager. First and last warnings will be issued to the individual. Persons caught a second time will automatically forfeit their course fees and be asked to leave the Grounds.

Car parking
There are no provisions for student parking on the grounds of Courtesy Driving School. Students are to park their vehicles on the street. To ensure that students are aware of this, No Parking signs have been placed throughout the grounds of Courtesy Driving School.


Where the course of study is part of the requirement for an occupational or drivers licence, clients need to be aware of other requirements such as age, medical fitness or driver licence history that the licensing authority may have in place. Staff at Courtesy Driving School, can assist you to obtain information relating to this

Courtesy staff cannot access your personal information held by licensing bodies. If in doubt of your eligibility you will need to contact a service sa customer service office directly to check your eligibility before enrolling.


Courtesy Driving School encourages all clients, staff or contractors to voice concerns arising from any situation within the control of the management or staff, including any educational matter that causes a student or staff/contractor serious concern or distress .The following steps will be used to manage your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • The complainant should firstly raise the complaint with their normal point of contact with Courtesy Driving School. (A complaint form is supplied with this handbook). If this is not appropriate, direct contact should be made with the Managing Director. All complaints raised by clients will be logged, even if they believe they have been able to quickly resolve the complaint or problem.
  • At this time, if either the complainant believes the grievance is a legal or criminal matter, or if in the process of exploring grievance significant legal or criminal issues arise, the matter should be referred to the Police or appropriate legal agents.
  • Where a satisfactory resolution has not occurred within a reasonable time, the complainant should directly contact the Managing Director. The Managing Director will make every attempt to resolve the issue between the parties directly involved.
  • If resolution has not been possible, the complainant may wish to refer the complaint to the relevant authority. This may include the Office of the Training Advocate, 1800 006 488, Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, Driver Trainer Associations or the Driver Training Section of the Department for Planning Transport and Infrastructure. Courtesy Driving School will assist the complainant to contact the appropriate personnel.


Courtesy Driving School keeps complete and accurate records of the attendance and progress of students, as well as financial records that reflect all payments and charges and the balance due, and can provide copies of these records to you upon request. Student's access to their personal records within the assessment context is permitted and is facilitated by the Trainer.

Outside the assessment context, student requests for access to personal file information and personal records on file, need to be in writing, and will need supporting evidence of identification, as well as a signed statement from the student authorising the release of personal information by Courtesy Driving School.

Copies of information on file including new copies of qualifications, statements of attainment and record of assessment results, incur fees for reproduction, mailing and administration. A "Request for Copy of Qualification" form and advice on costs are available from your Trainer or from the Administration office.


During the time that you are enrolled with Courtesy Driving School there are opportunities to comment on what you as think of the organisation.

Courtesy Driving School is committed to listening and responding to what students have to say so that the organisation can continuously improve on the service it offers to clients, there are two ways that students can provide feedback

  • Complete a confidential student survey or
  • Speak directly to your trainer

Courtesy Driving School will respect all feedback given and it will be treated in confidence with appropriate action on feedback acted upon.

Thank you for your time, and your future input,
Chief Executive Officer, Courtesy Driving School